Happy Christmas from the Nellakir Team


Happy Holidays

Nellakir an its Team would like to wish all clients and friends a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

The Nellakir Team will be available over the holiday period being closed only for Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day.

This is a busy time of the year for us with much maintenance work being carried out over the holiday period on both schools and competition sprung timber sports flooring.

Take a look at these courts and marvel at what is truly the world game – Basketball.

Some of the World’s Most Unusual Basketball Courts

The Worlds Oldest Basketball Court

Sprung Timber Flooring Construction

Construction of Sprung Timber Flooring requires real knowledge, expertise and genuine experience.

Nellakir are probably the most experienced builder of Sprung Timber Floors currently operating in Victoria and Tasmania. Add to this the exclusive access to Australian Sports Flooring and A. Horners proprietary knowledge and expertise. This formidable partnership provides users with the very best in Competition Sports Surfaces for Basketball, Netball, Volleyball and other sporting activities.

Sprung Timber Flooring Construction Methods

Sprung floors can be constructed using four different methods:

  • Traditional wood basket weave
  • Wood with high durometer neoprene pads. Sometimes both basket weave and neoprene pads are used
  • Foam rubber with wood or other area elastic on top
  • In the US a few sprung floors use actual springs, specifically for cheerleaders and ‘tumblers’. These sections of flooring often have coil springs under them. These are not in use in Australia

Competition flooring in Australia is usually of the second type described (wood with high durometer neoprene pads) and is rarely if ever basket weave these days.


Construction of competition sports floors for the 2006 Commonwealth Games

The flooring in sports centres has a minimum allowance of 10cm. This usually requires a purpose built sports arena or hall. Wheelchair ramps are required at the doors, these are constructed to acceptable safety standards. The underfloor needs to be made flat with a cured concrete floor that is absolutely level in its entirety. Curing for a month is mandatory. There is normally a fairly wide gap between the actual floor and the wall allowing for expansion and air circulation. Skirting boards and mouldings are used to mask these gaps. The term ‘floating floor’ comes from the fact that these sprung timber sports floors are free standing and not connected to the walls or joists.

Nellakir for the best Construction and Maintenance of Sprung Timber Floors


Commonwealth Games competition courts constructed by Nellakir

Having an understanding of the complicated set up for true competition sprung timber flooring, Nellakir is very well positioned to offer the very best sprung timber construction and maintenance options for custodians of Sports Arenas, school basketball and netball courts and other similar timber surfaces. Knowing the timber, the entire mechanism and the nature of both the surfaces and support mean that Nellakir can provide a foolproof, long term maintenance program that does more than just buff and polish the surface.

Call between now and the end of January and speak to one of our operatives or leave your details. Put some real bounce into your competitions, Call Nellakir on (03) 9467 6126

Sprung Timber Sports Floor Surfaces

Everybody has either played upon a proper timber sprung floor, or watched their kids play basketball or netball on one of these great competition purpose built surfaces.


Nellakir installed a number of Sprung Timber Competition Courts at the Werribee Fitness Centre aka Eagle Stadium

According to our research, the creation of just the right surface is quite an artform. It is the result of trial and error, of genuine experience and ensuring the very best technology is engaged in creating an A-grade competition surface.

Sports Floor Requirements

There are certain Sports Floor requirements that are non negotiable. Preparing a good horse racing track requires a surface that provides just the right amount of give – Sprung Timber Flooring is much the same. If it’s too hard it can cause repetitive strain injuries (RSI) and too soft, it becomes tiring for players. It should be springy returning energy allowing to lift the feet whilst moving, yet not too springy like a trampoline. It must be even and flat with only minimal variation across the entire surface, a flat even finish. It must absorb the energy of falls thus reducing injury as well.


Combination School Basketball, Netball and Volleyball courts by Nellakir for St. Kevins College


Traction must be fine tuned. Too much leads to ankle twisting and knee strain, too little and it can become very slippery and dangerous. There should be no sideways movement – if it occurs, balance is hampered.


It is essentially area elastic as opposed to ‘point’ elastic. It should depress underfoot as a wooden floor as opposed to a sponge rubber or heavy vinyl floor. Overall the sports flooring will be elastic but it can be point elastic on the very surface.


High performance Timber Sports Flooring at Mazenod College

Timber Selection

The timber selection requires player visibility – with the colour being not too dark or too light, with good acoustics being neither too loud nor too soft as players move about.

Liquid Tolerance

Lastly it must tolerate liquid spills yet provide a surface where such spills are easily cleaned leaving no residues (Spillage of liquids on such surfaces can cause major injury if not properly managed and cleaned).


Multi Purpose Sprung Timber Flooring at Parade College

Multi Purpose Floors

Many such high performance floors constructed are actually multi-purpose, doubling as Assembly Halls, Dance Surfaces and are used for passive exercise such as Tai Chi, children’s gymnastics and other activities. Matting is often added for such activities as Gymnastics, Martial Arts or Wrestling.

Nellakir have completed Sprung Timber Flooring for a number of such venues such as Parade College, St Kevin’s College, the Werribee Fitness Centre and Mazenod College.

Advantages of Sprung Timber Flooring

The preferred option for major competition basketball is sprung timber flooring. For the uninitiated this is often the question in their minds – just what is the difference between Basketball courts with timber flooring and either vinyl, concrete or asphalt courts.

Shock Absorption

The first advantage is in Shock Absorption. This is vitally important to Athletes in terms of surface impact. With timber flooring shock absorption greatly reduces injury potential and risk. This is achieved through diverting force to the floor rather than that force being absorbed through the athlete’s bones, joints and ligaments.


The second major advantage is Ball Bounce. Compared to concrete, the wooden floor provides equal rebound measurements. However Ball Bounce is the response measured after reflecting on a wooden floor compared to concrete. The wooden flooring rates 100% compared to concrete.

Timber Flooring provides a Superior Surface

Wooden surfaces provide a uniform, level playing surface for all athletes. Wooden floors are superior to surfaces such as vinyl, concrete or asphalt, on which the athletes muscles must constantly adapt to subtle changes in the playing surfaces, causing fatigue and often resulting in increased energy use.


Nellakir have installed high performance, sprung timber sports floors in a wide range of stadiums and sports facilities, including Keilor Stadium (pictured)

Timber Floor Maintenance

Correct maintenance of sports floors both improves the performance of the surface as well as extends its life. Sprung Timber flooring is recommended to be resurfaced at a minimum every 10 to 15 years. Layout, floor paint and line markings can be changed without too many issues as part of the maintenance program or the ultimate refurbishment of the timber flooring. Wooden sports flooring provides for ease of maintenance in any case. With regular re-sanding (every 7 to 12 years) and re-coating (every 12 months), Floor maintenance comes down to dust mopping to ensure nothing clings to the surface.

So the sprung floor absorbs shocks giving it a softer feel, reduces fatigue and risk of injury. Such a floor is in fact considered the best option for indoor sports, physical education, gymnastics and dance activity. Nellakir Sports Floors provide the highest quality timber floor installation and maintenance for all performance surfaces.


Nellakir constructed and provide maintenance for the competition basketball courts at Eagle Stadium

Modern vs Traditional Sprung Floors

Modern sprung floors are supported by Foam backing or rubber feet, whilst older traditional floors rely on bending woven wooden batons. Sprung timber floors are sometimes referred to as ‘floating floors’. The top layer of a sprung floor is a performance surface. With sports flooring this is generally a polyurethane coating.

Next week will look at the requirements for a top quality Sprung Timber competition flooring.