Sports Floor Construction for PPP Initiative

The Nellakir team have just completed the first stage of a two stage building package for major builder Watpac as part of the Private Public Partnership program initiative of the Victorian Government.

Basketball/Netball/Badminton Courts with sprung timber sports flooring have been completed at the following schools:

Mernda Central P12 College

This is a brand new school delivered as part of the PPP project. The school is opening for students from Prep through year 7 in term 1, 2017. The Prep to Year 6 component will accomodate 400 students with Year 7 to 12 accommodating a further 880 students. Architects for this project are Clarke Hopkins Clarke.

The facilities have been designed with the local community in mind and are available for extracurricular activity. This includes the expanded Gymnasium with sprung timber sports flooring constructed by Nellakir. It has been built to Netball Victoria standards.

Mernda Park Primary School

Mernda Park Primary School is also a part of the PPP (Public Private Partnership) project and is also a new school. It will accommodate 400 students and is being delivered by the Learning Consortium Victoria (LCV). Again Watpac are the tendered Building Contractors and Clarke Hopkins Clarke the supervising Architects.

As with the Mernda school Nellakir have constructed a sprung timber sports floor for the expanded Gymnasium to Netball Victoria standards.

Under the same scheme, two further similar projects were completed for Watpac under the same Public Private Partnership scheme. These were Epping North Primary and Heathergrove Primary at Clyde North. Each also featured sprung timber sports flooring in expanded Gymnasiums to Netball Victoria standards, again built and installed by Nellakir Australia Pty Ltd.

Nellakir have also been confirmed as contractor to restore sports flooring which was flood damaged at St Finbars Primary School in Brighton. This involves the demolition and removal of the old court and the full construction of new sprung timber sports flooring for the school’s basketball court with work commencing as soon as possible.


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