The Reasons Why Basketball is the Worlds Best Sport

basketball-court-dimensionsAround the planet, tens of millions of people are practicing different sports every single day. Basketball is one of the most exciting and spectacular sports, even when just practicing. As a game it is universally popular.

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Basketball has achieved worldwide acceptance and enjoyment. It ranks second behind Football as the worlds most popular sport. Worldwide means Asia, the Americas, Europe, Africa, Australia and the Pacific. In Puerto Rico, Lithuania and the Phillipines the game is acknowledged as the National Sport, as it is in many other nations. Basketball has high profile leagues operating both within the united States and elsewhere as opposed to Football codes like the NFL and AFL. In Europe the Euroleague is every bit as popular as the NBA in the USA and presents the same high quality game.

Complete Sport

Basketball requires not only physical toughness but mental agility as well. Players must be able to score – and defend. It is the individual actions that win or lose games. Players need great mental strength. And with the players reaching their competitive peak aged between 26 and 30 years, experience is a major factor and essential in all decision making at the highest level.

Great players like Le Bron James or Michael Jordan who had played 7 seasons prior to winning his first championship in the NBA had it – experience.

Easy to Practice

Basketball can be played indoors and as such there are always high quality courts available on which to practice pretty much worldwide. In Australia, there are great court facilities available in all capital cities, the suburbs and in regional cities and towns. It’s not determined by the weather, the season (cricket or football – who gets the oval?). You simply need a hoop and a floor that gives you spring and bounce.

Athletic Players

Basketball players are supreme athletes. These days in the NBA many players stand out as great physical specimens. Peak physical condition and incredibly quick up and down ‘the boards’.

Le Bron James, Kevin Durant, Vince Carter, Blake Griffin, Russel Westbrook, Dwayne Wade and Australia’s own Matthew Dellavedova, Andrew Bogat and Patrick Mills all possess outstanding jumping ability to perform awesome dunks or put on absolutely sharp blocks that stop the opposition in their tracks!

It is said that no other sport matches the aerobic ability and physical condition of NBA players who perform at the highest levels of this elite competition.

Thrill of the Game

Basketball must have a winner. It is fluid, graceful – almost a ballet in progress. As a game it generates massive excitement and for players there is real and collective emotion. Nothing gets the heart beating faster than a countdown clock with literally seconds to go and the downward rush of players looking to score that final 3 pointer that wins the game.

Sprung Timber Sports Flooring – its fast, it’s safe – it’s magic. And Nellakir sports flooring here is simply the best available. See you at the game!


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