Nellakir Supports Junior Netball

‘Netta’ is a version of Netball adapted for juniors aged 5 and upwards to learn Netball and enjoy competitive sport.

It’s recognised that Netball and junior sports participation offers a range of benefits both health wise and socially.

Socially, Netball assists in:

  • Life skills development – commitment, concentration, communication
  • Responsibility in learning and self discipline
  • Learning team dynamics
  • Coping with success and failure
  • Developing a sense of belonging, community, loyalty and fraternity
  • Assisting gifted children in adapting to use their skills to assist others

Netball Australia has formulated Junior Netball policy and the first step for many children is in playing ‘Netta’.

Here are the rules and differentiation from Competition Netball.


Netball rules compared to Netta (Junior Netball) rules. Source

At Nellakir with major effort being placed on the sound construction and maintenance of Sprung Timber Sports Flooring in School and Community facilities where junior teams compete weekly, we commend Netball Australia and ensure all courts constructed meet the standards required and demanded by the governing body of the sport – Netball Australia


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