Uncle Drew Born in Melbourne? Yes Kyrie Irving of the Boston Celtics (Uncle Drew) was born in Melbourne in 1992.

Irving’s father played for the Boomers and as a young boy he lived in Kew until at 2 years old he returned to the US. His mother was a half Sioux Indian who very unfortunately died when Kyrie was only 4 years old. Kyrie holds dual citizenship – both US and Australian.

Basketball has long held a premium spot in Australian sport. During the 1980s and 1990s many American professional NBA players were recruited for the local competitions. People like Bob Ansett of the then Budget Rent-a-Car company put millions into the sport.

After a fairly dormant period Basketball in Australia is experiencing a strong renaissance. In Victoria, in particular the State Government has funded dual school/community courts through its Public Private Partnership program. This initiative is drawing thousands more children, adolescents and their parents into the game.

Nellakir is proud to be involved in this excellent program. As Victoria and Tasmania’s premier Timber Sports Flooring provider, Nellakir continues to develop new courts and stadiums right around Victoria. Utilising the ASF Horner sports flooring systems, Nellakir are instrumental in providing FIFA approved Competition playing surfaces for a range of different competition levels.

Call Nellakir now for expert construction and maintenance on all Timber Sports Flooring. From simple annual maintenance to the complete refurbishment of an existing court, Nellakir is your first and only call to ensure a premium competition surface – always – for your sprung timber sports flooring.

Call now on 9467 6126 for a prompt response to your enquiry or leave your details here and one of our trained technicians will get back to you ASAP.

Nellakir – Sports Flooring for Champions

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