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When the NBL teams run out onto the main court at Basketball Victoria’s Wantirna facility it just ‘feels right’. Players experience the benefit of sprung timber flooring immediately. It’s faster and reduces shock from movement by providing real give and bounce.

At Wantirna, Nellakir installed 3 show courts using the PR2 system from ASF/Horner flooring systems and 3 general courts using the PR1 system from ASF/Horner in messmate flooring – an Australian hardwood.

Whether your team is competing at a local Sports Centre such as Casey Stadium in Cranbourne South, Keilor Stadium or Eagle Stadium in Werribee you are competing on premium ASF/Horner FIBA approved flooring installed by Nellakir. Add to this flooring at the Bendigo Stadium and the many multi-purpose courts with community access constructed and installed by the Victorian Building Authority at a whole raft of new schools across Victoria, you are enjoying the very best in premium Timber Sports Flooring from Nellakir and ASF/Horner.

The very same principle applies with Victoria’s premiere Netball courts at the State Netball and Hockey Centre in Royal Park where Nellakir originally installed 5 separate courts using ST2 (Stump Thrust 2) systems – 2 competition courts and another 3 courts for practice and local competition, back in the early 2000s, in time for the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games.

Currently Nellakir is completing a series of new courts at the facility with opening dates and ceremonies to be announced soon by the Victorian Government.

Nellakir has a range of projects currently underway. These include the following new school facilities…

  • Fisherman’s Bend Secondary School (Multipurpose)
  • Vic Uni Secondary College Parkville (Multipurpose)
  • Greater Shepparton College (VBSA) (Multipurpose)

as well as specialist flooring and competition courts at the following locations…

  • Heathmont College
  • Rosebud Aquatic Centre
  • Altona Sports Centre

As usual at this time of year the Nellakir team are undertaking a number of annual maintenance programs state-wide prior to the full return to competition by local leagues and school competitions.

Always call Nellakir, the leading experts in Indoor Timber Sports Flooring for assistance in maintenance, ( Linemarking, recoating, resanding, repairs) and programmed cleaning, as well as running repairs and Insurance damage claims.

Experienced, precise and equipped to provide you the very best in Competition Sports Flooring, it’s simply a phone call away. Call 03 9467 6126 for one of our technicians to meet with you and determine a sensible maintenance program. Or simply leave your details here for a prompt reply.

Nellakir – Champion floors for present and future Champions

Basketball, Netball, Futsal, Volleyball, Gymnastics, Dance and Badminton.


Nellakir helps young athletes reach their goals by providing the highest quality Sprung Timber Sports Floor playing surfaces.

Uncle Drew takes an NBA break

Kyrie Irving, who played Uncle Drew in the series of Pepsi videos, was actually born here in Melbourne. He still holds dual US/Australian citizenship. He’s one of a score of current NBA players either from Australia or with very strong links to Australia. It has to be said that Australia has the right bona fides as a Basketball Nation with the Hoop connection now spanning generations.

FIBA Approved Sports Floors

Nellakir proudly supports Australian Basketball. Utilising Australian Hardwood Timbers
such as Messmate and Tasmanian Oak, the Nellakir team have installed and maintained a significant number of premium Sports Floors at Major Victorian and Tasmanian Stadiums, Sports Centres and Schools.

Back to Kyrie Irving. Kyrie is very community minded. His latest absence was for what would appear to be very good reasons. Read about it here…

Kyrie Irving rejoins Nets, says he ‘just needed a pause’ amid reports he bought George Floyd’s family a house

Kyrie Irving rested his chin on his arms folded in front of him, looking worn down by his fight to balance his commitment to his team and his community.

He wants to help the Nets. He also wants to support the underserved.

“If you don’t create that distinction, then it’s easy to feel the weight of the world while you’re going out there and playing,” Irving said Tuesday.

Such a weight, the Brooklyn star said, that he “just needed a pause.”

Irving returned to practice with the team and could play Wednesday in Cleveland. He has missed the last seven games — five while away during a leave of absence and two more while regaining his conditioning after he was eligible to return.

He didn’t give a clear reason for his absence while speaking during a Zoom interview, telling reporters he had a lot of personal things going on.

“I’m a hometown kid so things hit a little different when family and personal stuff are going on, and that’s up to me to handle that as a man,” Irving said. “But yeah, I just take full accountability for my absence with the guys and just had a conversation with each one of them and we move on.”

Kyrie Irving has had a disrupted start to his time in Brooklyn.

He apologized to Nets fans, saying he understood their feelings because he grew up one of them in New Jersey, when the team was based there. But Irving, who has donated millions to causes important to him and confirmed working with a group that bought a home for George Floyd’s family, also made clear that his decisions are based on more than just basketball.

“I want to make changes daily,” Irving said. “There are so many oppressed communities, so many things going on that are just bigger than a ball going in the rim.”

Irving’s absence began Jan. 7, the day after the deadly riot at the U.S. Capitol. He was fined $50,000 for violating the NBA’s health and safety protocols after he was seen in a video posted on social media during his absence at an indoor family party while not wearing a mask. He also lost nearly $900,000 of his $33.5 million salary because two of the games he missed were during a mandated quarantine period.

Irving said he was happy to be back with the team, which acquired James Harden during his absence. The Nets have won both games since the trade.

“We got some great pieces and we just move on, and I let my actions and my game speak for itself like I planned on doing,” Irving said. “Just needed a pause.”

It should end in Cleveland, where Irving’s NBA career began and where he hasn’t played since opening night of the 2017-18 season, his first with Boston after being traded by the Cavaliers.

Irving said there’s no question of his love and commitment to basketball. He may be able to direct more attention to it by sharing more responsibilities for the off-court changes he seeks.

“I’m just being honest here,” Irving said. “It’s been a lot to balance and now I called for help and now I have just so many mentors and so many people reaching out and just taking things off my plate that were never mine in the first place.”

Source: wwos.nine.com.au

Tomorrow’s champions and NBA prospects are playing the game right now on Nellakir prepared and installed Timber Sports Flooring at Schools, Sports Centres and Stadiums across Victoria and Tasmania.

For premium Timber Sports Flooring always rely on Nellakir, the leading Installers of FIBA Approved Sports Flooring in Victoria and Tasmania.

Nellakir are exclusive agents for the ASF/Horner Timber Sports Flooring Systems and offer the only FIBA approved Australian Hardwood flooring available in Victoria and Tasmania.

For all annual maintenance, programmed cleaning and repairs to premium Timber Sports Flooring, always call Nellakir on 03 9467 6126. Book an appointment with one of our qualified technicians to inspect your flooring and advise on a suitable maintenance program for your facility.

Experienced, precise and expert in the installation, care and maintenance of all Sports Flooring, you can trust Nellakir to deliver time and time again.

Trust Nellakir, the Sports Flooring for present and future Champions.


Nellakir helps young athletes reach their goals by providing the highest quality Sprung Timber Sports Floor playing surfaces.

NBA – Simmons suffer ‘mystery injury’

With the summer holidays in full swing and local competition, the NBL scheduled to kick off on Friday January 15th, lets take a quick look at what’s happening Stateside with Melbourne’s most famous Basketball player, NBA star Ben Simmons.

The NBA Season is again roaring along with some very exciting stuff, not the least of which was Lebron’s impossible corner 3 pointer.

But what’s happening with Ben Simmons? Read all about it here…

‘Connect the dots’: 76ers in hot water after Simmons skips town, develops mystery injury

Ben Simmons has caused the Sixers a bit of a headache

The Philadelphia 76ers have been fined $25,000 ($A32,000) after Ben Simmons reportedly skipped town without the team’s knowledge.
Simmons was a late withdrawal from Sunday’s (AEDT) game against the Denver Nuggets with a knee injury, but the NBA was not informed of the development in requisite time.

The Sixers barely had enough players to field a team even before Simmons’ withdrawal after Seth Curry returned a positive COVID-19 diagnosis during the game against the Brooklyn Nets.

According to Yahoo Sports, while the rest of the team returned to their hotel in New York following the Nets game and Curry’s positive test, Simmons left the New York area and got a driver to take him back to Philadelphia.

This was done without the team’s knowledge and he was made to return to New York when his absence was discovered.

Yahoo’s NBA writer Vincent Goodwill told the Posted Up podcast: “What I have gathered was that Ben Simmons left New York that evening. He left New York and went back to Philadelphia, you know, apparently probably hired a driver from a service. I don’t think Ben Simmons was out here in a regular old, you know, Hyundai Sonata or nothing like that, you know what I’m saying? On the car service, I believe it was probably something reputable.

“The team clearly found out. Here’s the one thing that we do know. Because of the restaurant protocols and everything else, there’s certain restaurants and places that you can’t go to. There are no restaurants in New York City that are approved. So if a team is staying in New York City, they have to stay there. Apparently, Ben Simmons said, nah, I’m out. I’m headed out. Got a driver, went back to Philly.

“I believe the team found out, and I believe team security, as you know, you know, team security knows these things. They’re like the CIA. Ben Simmons has to come back. And magically, or however you want to say it, he winds up on the injury report the next day, you know, not playing. Now who knows how you want to connect the dots.”

Coach Doc Rivers said it was not a deliberate ploy from Simmons and a mistake that he quickly corrected.

“Obviously, that night we were all in disarray, a bunch of guys were ordering cars, because we all did think we could go back home,” he said, per the Philly Inquirer.

“Ben was on his way, I called him and told him he couldn’t because of league protocols, and he just turned around and came back. I don’t read, so I heard, but the way it sounded was like it was some kind of bad thing and it wasn’t, it was just the way it was.”

“We didn’t know anything. At the time, even I was ordering a car. We didn’t know what we could do the next day, we thought we could leave and get tested at home. Then we were told we could not do that. So, after that game it was, it was a lot of different moving parts going on at the same time.”

Rivers revealed Simmons had knee stiffness in the Brooklyn game amid concerns surrounding the fact he was not included on the injury report leading up to the game.

“Ben in the Brooklyn game had some knee stiffness, and so we almost probably knew after the game that he wouldn’t play tonight,” Rivers said. “And then Joel started complaining about his back over the last, he started yesterday. And we didn’t know if he was playing or not. But honestly, with the minutes we would have to ask, it would be insane to play him.”

Source: foxsports.com.au

Here in Victoria local competition is gradually returning to a semblance of normality but as yet there has not been a full return. There are still limits regarding spectators, venue limits and face masks.

Now is the right time to arrange an inspection of your Stadium’s Sports Flooring and retractable seating. Nellakir are Victoria’s leading experts in the installation, maintenance and professional cleaning of all Timber Sports Flooring.

Call now on 03 9467 6126 and book an obligation free inspection of your facility by one of our expert technicians. Or leave your details here for a prompt response.

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Nellakir helps young athletes reach their goals by providing the highest quality Sprung Timber Sports Floor playing surfaces.