The NBA – Planning for the Future

Each Team in the NBA has an eye to the future. Trade moves are ongoing. Current players are locked in. Planning to take the title starts 5 years out. 

It’s the same with your valuable Timber Sports Flooring. The quality of your competition is reliant on a premium competitive court surface. Nellakir install and maintain Timber-Sports Flooring of the highest quality – in Stadiums, Recreation Centres, Schools and Community Centres throughout Victoria and Tasmania. It’s exactly the same here with planning each year. A maintenance and cleaning program must be adhered to, in order to keep your Sports Flooring performing to the optimum level. 

In the NBA it would appear there are some interesting manoeuvres occurring with key personnel. Jason Dumas from KRON4 news has discussed the matter in the article below.

Inside Philadelphia 76ers’ Plans to Match Brooklyn Nets’ Firepower

If they weren’t already, the Brooklyn Nets are now the clear Eastern Conference favourites after their acquisition of Blake Griffin

FanDuel is currently giving them the best chance of all Eastern Conference teams of winning this year’s championship. And with the addition of Griffin, the Nets have become even more formidable.

“Blake makes them even more dynamic offensively because he’s a guy they can give the ball to and run off-ball stuff for their Big Three because of his passing,” one rival scout tells Bleacher Report. “He is also a great pick-and-roll partner because he can stretch the floor and make plays. Defensively, he’s on par with what they’ve been doing, so he won’t help in that aspect.”

That is high praise. Even skeptics have to admit it will take a Herculean effort to take down a team consisting of Griffin, Kevin DurantKyrie Irving and James Harden.

All eyes now turn to Sixers president of basketball operations Daryl Morey, who built a decade-long regular-season powerhouse with the Houston Rockets but never won a championship. 

Playoff basketball is a different beast. Personnel issues that can be masked in the regular season with analytics-informed bets often get exposed in the postseason when teams find creative ways to win with superior game plans.

The Sixers have roughly two weeks to answer the main question within the front office: Do we have enough? 

Right now, they have two All-Stars in Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons. The former is the MVP front-runner, while the latter is one of the leading Defensive Player of the Year candidates. 

Morey and Co. are set on winning or failing with Embiid and Simmons. They are banking on those two, along with Tobias Harris, to continue producing in the postseason. But there’s a growing feeling among league insiders that they need another wing who can be a two-way playmaker and defend in space.

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You can trust Nellakir

Sports Flooring for present and future champions. 

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