The Progression in Sports Flooring – From Bitumen to Sprung Timber Flooring, Outdoor to Elite Indoor Stadiums.


Thirty years ago when children played Netball or started playing Basketball, it was often on a fairly rough uneven asphalt court – outdoors, open to the elements with parents and siblings standing around the outside of the courts. At Ferntree Gully for example over 30,000 children a week attend the multi-courts on weekends. The progression to indoor premium Timber Sports Stadiums has seen the introduction of elite sports flooring right across all levels of competition for those playing Basketball and Netball.

For the sportswomen and men at the top of their fields in both disciplines, it has always been Sprung Timber Flooring at the highest levels of competition. And then lots of kids who started following Basketball in the US through the NBA coveted those polished maple boards. The game was faster with less risk of injury and players could really exercise their skills on the timber floored courts.


About 20 years ago, things began to change radically here in Australia. Concrete courts were being rapidly replaced in major stadiums with Sprung Timber Courts. ASF/Horner and Nellakir were at the forefront of those changes.

When the new State Netball and Hockey Centre was constructed in Royal Park for Netball Victoria in time for the Commonwealth Games of 2006, the stadium and its courts were completed in 2001, having been installed by Nellakir.

Timber Sports Floors and the evolution of indoor sports has now seen the growth of both Basketball and Netball exponentially here in Australia. All major cities and regional centres now boast world class FIBA approved Stadiums with premium sports flooring – timber sports flooring.

But today it goes way beyond just the upper levels of competition. It starts in primary Schools with multi-purpose timber floored courts included in nearly all new school buildings here in Victoria. The courts are used for Basketball, Netball, Volleyball, Gymnastics and other activities. As well they double as indoor assembly areas.

Construction is supervised by the Victorian Schools Building Authority which has a dedicated target of building and constructing over 100 new schools from 2019 until 2022. Many of these schools fall within the PPP program run by the Victorian State Government – the Public Private Partnership program with major corporate organisations such as Spotless Services providing ongoing Asset management and other required services.


This month Nellakir will commence three such new schools

• Truganina South East Primary School – (between Derrimut and Laverton)
• Rockbank North Primary School – (between Melton and Caroline Springs)
• Thoroughbred Primary School – (in Clyde North)

Next month Nellakir will commence works at the following locations as well, installing premium timber sports flooring.

• Heathmont College – (East of Ringwood)
• Rosebud Aquatic Centre – (Mornington Peninsula)
• Altona Sports Stadium – (a major metropolitan sports centre)


So from an early age school children get to play and compete on a professional timber sports floor. It’s no wonder that Australia now has over 9 players on the current NBA roster and that Netball has now been accepted as an Olympic sport and will soon offer a medal competition. Australia is one of the prime movers in both fostering Netball at a grass roots level and internationally.

Nellakir are and have been the leading experts in the installation, maintenance and scheduled programmed cleaning of all Timber Sports Flooring. Nellakir are the exclusive agents for ASF/Horner Sprung Timber Sports Flooring systems in both Victoria and Tasmania.


Annual Maintenance of Sports Flooring is especially important. Recoating with approved surface preparations, re-lining and repairs on general wear and tear mean your sports flooring will last longer and provide a continued premium playing surface for all users and competitors.

Equally important is the need to provide competent professional cleaning services for your valuable Timber Sports Flooring. Engaging cleaners with no understanding of the flooring and its sophistication is simply a recipe for disaster and added expense when annual maintenance is required. Severe neglect can require a complete re-sanding, re-surfacing and re-lining.


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