Nellakir update: Time to consider annual maintenance of your sports flooring

It’s getting around to that time to consider getting cyclical maintenance of Sprung Timber Sports Flooring located in schools and used by school populations. With the midyear break scheduled for July in the education sector it’s a good time to start planning for regular annual maintenance if this has not already been attended to.

Nellakir specialise in the removal and refitting of existing floors. It provides expert service in resurfacing existing floors in stadiums, halls, gymnasiums and churches. Nellakir can advise you, then implement a sensible, effective annual maintenance program. It provides a reliable and accurate line-marking service for all sports flooring surfaces – basketball, netball, badminton, volleyball and more. It also provides annual maintenance of stadium seating and replacement seating if required. Nellakir can provide effective floor covers and covering if required.

In the last few months, Nellakir have been extremely busy in providing such services to a wide range of clients. Jobs include two Sprung timber floored courts at the Hamilton Recreation Area in South Western Victoria.

As well we have just completed the replacement and refurbishment of the Dance Floor (sprung timber) at the Flem-Ken Bowling Club in Flemington, a well known and popular venue of long standing.

Nellakir have completed the construction of a new 1/2 court surface at the St Kevin’s Sports Facility in Tooronga.

Also it has now completed works at the Electra Community Centre in Ashwood. A complex project this involved the extension of a multipurpose hall with a resurfacing of the old sprung timber floor combined with the newly built extension providing an open and expanded area once the project was completed.

Works at Melbourne’s Girls Grammar on its High Performance Floor, used for Aerobics and its Team Zone Area court areas have also been recently completed.

The new Casey Indoor Stadium flooring has been completed. There has been a problem with vandalism but the clean-up on that has also been completed. After the construction hand-over has occured, Nellakir will return to repair the damage caused by Vandals not able to be rectified during the clean-up.

The St Finbar’s School job in Brighton, replacing the flood damaged court is now completed.

bendigo stadiumbendigo stadium copy

Nellakir are now busily preparing for the new works at the Bendigo Stadium ad the Watpac PPP (Private Public Partnership) school projects in Geelong North, Torquay and Armstrong Creek.

When you consider on-going maintenance and servicing of genuine Sprung Timber Sports Flooring always ensure you contact Nellakir, the experts and master craftsmen in this field. Why not draw on the experience and understanding of the Nellakir team who not only build Victoria and Tasmania’s most prestigious competition sports floored courts and playing surfaces, but also have the vision to ensure a maintenance program that provides simply the best competitive sprung timber surface currently available.

Provide a champion surface for our future champions. Always call Nellakir – for a true competitive edge.

Time to Recoat and Undertake Annual Maintenance.

For Nellakir this is a very busy time of year. With school holidays upon us it’s time to address cyclical maintenance issues – annual recoats and ancilliary works in over 30 locations.

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 4.08.42 pm.png

But as well, the team have been given the go-ahead on the construction of a new half court sporting floor at the Frankston Special Development School. This will be part of the new Gym and staffroom upgrades being undertaken by builders The Adma Group. The Architects on the project are Kneeler Design Architects. Nellakir are contracted to supply the half court size sprung timber flooring for the new Gymnasium.

Nellakir over the next few weeks have a series of major annual maintenance projects to ensure sprung timber sports flooring continues to perform at its optimum.


St Francis Xavier College in Beaconsfield has 3 separate campuses. The maintenance work will be occuring at the main campus on the basketball court surface.


Similar works (recoating) will be occurring at the Roxburgh Homestead Primary School in Roxburgh Park, on that school’s sprung timber floored sports courts.

The courts at Truscott Reserve in Long Gully Eaglehawk Reserve near Bendigo will also be recoated.

Other locations include St Brigid’s College Horsham, St Josephs College Ferntree Gully, Carranballach College in Point Cook with two facilities where one will also include a line changeover as well as the recoating maintenance procedure and Mentone Girls Secondary School where Nellakir will also be adding 4 Badminton Courts on one Basketball court as well as recoating a second court.

All in all Nellakir will provide cyclical maintenance on these locations and others totalling 30 sports and educational venues over the next month, providing cyclical maintenance on the sports flooring sprung timber courts at each.

Nellakir are the recognised experts in Sprung Timber Sports Flooring throughout Victoria and Tasmania. When the job needs to be done right don’t hesitate to call Nellakir and take advantage of real master craftsmen. For Expert Construction and Programmed Maintenance call now on 9467 6126.

Nellakir, the Sports Flooring of Champions