Boomers on Track in Tokyo

Boomers play Italy at the 2020 Olympics. Pic Credit Patty Mills.

The Australian Mens Basketball Team, the Boomers, is looking good for medal glory at the 2020 Olympics with a good win against Nigeria followed up by an exciting game against Italy with a narrow win. The Boomers now play Germany this Saturday night (31st July). 

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Keilor Stadium.

Here is the full report on the recent game against Italy. Good luck on Saturday Boomers!

Tokyo Olympics: Australian Boomers hold on for thrilling win over Italy to remain unbeaten in Tokyo

Written By Benyam Kidane  @BenyamKidane 

The Australian Boomers remain unbeaten in Tokyo, holding off Italy for an 86-83 win to move clear at the top of Group B. 

Jock Landale led five players in double figures with 18 points and seven rebounds, while Patty Mills added 16 points, and Nick Kay 15. Joe Ingles and Aron Baynes chipped in 14 apiece. 

It was a nail-biting game the whole way, tied at 25 apiece after the first quarter, with Australia down one at the half and ahead three heading into the final frame.

Italy came undone late, going scoreless for more than four minutes in the fourth quarter until Simone Fontecchio cut the deficit to four points with a four-point play with 3:48 remaining, but the Aussies’ superior rebounding ultimately made the difference in the game’s key moments. 

After Mills missed a 3-pointer, Landale tapped it back to Ingles, who buried the triple to make it 80-73. Nico Mannion scored a layup with 55 seconds to go, before Mills gave the Boomers a five-point lead with 32 seconds to go.

Let’s jump into the key takeaways at the buzzer:

1. Italy zero in on Mills

It was clear from the jump, the Italian’s were willing to dare the other Boomers to beat them as they sent plenty of defensive attention in Patty Mills’ direction. 

After he scored seven points in the opening quarter, the double teams arrived as Italy did a great job keeping the ball out of his hands with their on-ball pressure, forcing the Boomers offence to stagnate for stretches. 

They found their rhythm in the third quarter, hunting for mismatches in the pick-and-roll with Joe Ingles combining with Landale and Baynes to keep the offence ticking over and when crunch time hit, Mills came up with the timely bucket and a pair of free throws to seal the win.

He added six rebounds and five assists, shooting 6-of-17 from the field and 2-of-9 from beyond the arc.

Which leads me to the next point…..

2. The big men go to work

Jock Landale and Aron Baynes took turns bullying Italy in the paint as they crashed the boards, worked out of the pick-and-roll and forced Italy’s defence to collapse in the paint.

Landale led the Boomers with a team-high 18 points and seven rebounds, while Baynes finished with 14 points and seven rebounds — five coming on the offensive glass.

When the starting big man duo were out of the game, the Aussies didn’t let up inside with Nick Kay maintined the pressure with an impressive performance off the bench, recording 15 points and seven rebounds on 6-of-7 from the field. 

“I thought our bigs tonight – running the line, getting some cheap baskets, keeping the ball alive, tip outs to threes – were really big for us,” head coach Brian Goorjian said post-game.

3. Where the game was won

Some key stats….

  • Australia shot 21-of-39 (54 percent) from 2-point range, 11-of-31 (35 percent) from the 3-point line and 11-of-14 (79 percent) at the free throw line.
  • Italy shot 25-of41 (61 percent) from 2-point range, 8-of-25 (32 percent) from the 3-point line and 9-of-10 (90 percent) at the free throw line.
  • Australia dominated on the glass outrebounding Italy 44-31, especially on the offensive end, 16-6, which led a 17-5 advantage in second-chance points.
  • The Aussies went deep into the rotation and outscored Italy 41-22 in bench points

4. Thybulle’s defence shines again

Following his impressive showing against Nigeria, Matisse Thybulle was at it again on the defensive end against Italy, blowing up pick-and-rolls, playing the passing lanes and contesting every shot that came in his direction.

He picked up two quick fouls and had to sit early in the game, but his ability to force turnovers and create transition opportunities was crucuial tonight as the Aussies struggled at times to generate offence in the half-court. 

5. What’s next?

Group B continues on Saturday when Nigeria faces Italy and Germany faces Australia.

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The Boomers a Tokyo Medal Chance?

Josh Giddey

Australian basketball has come a long way in the last 25 years. With superior facilities, an effective national competition and a constant stream of young players making it to both the NBA and the WNBA our chances at this year’s Tokyo Olympics are considered the best yet to achieve a coveted medal and a place on the podium. 

Dante Exum

Read about it below as reported on ESPN by Olgun Ulic 3 July, 2021:

Veterans, newcomers, but a lack of depth: looking at the Boomers’ squad for Tokyo

3 Jul, 2021 

The Australian Boomers team is in.

Brian Goorjian’s 12-man group for the Tokyo Olympics is a mixture of the Boomers’ established faces, combined with a flurry of new blood, all with that one, long-held goal: to win a medal.

It’s not all perfect, though. There are areas where Australia has been strengthened, but others that appear diminished. There’s also, as is always the case, the controversial selection or two.Changes can technically still be made to this team up until the Boomers’ first Olympic game against Nigeria on July 25, and upcoming exhibition games in Las Vegas — against Argentina, the Nigerians, and twice against the USA — may give Goorjian and his coaching staff things to think about.

That apparent flexibility notwithstanding, the Boomers have their 12 as they enter official pre-Olympic camp in Vegas, and the stakes have never been higher.

Australian Boomers’ Olympic team: Patty Mills, Matthew Dellavedova, Joe Ingles, Aron Baynes, Matisse Thybulle, Danté Exum, Josh Green, Nick Kay, Jock Landale, Chris Goulding, Duop Reath, Nathan Sobey.

Replacement players: Josh Giddey, Xavier Cooks, Brock Motum.

The NBA core’s last shot

This isn’t a secret. Patty Mills, Matthew Dellavedova, Joe Ingles, Aron Baynes know this is their final Olympics as the core of the Australian Boomers. All are in their 30s — Andrew Bogut’s retirement was the clearest and most visceral example of Father Time winning — and there’s a clear changing of the guard that’s happening in front of our very eyes.

Their road has been famous, but always incomplete. They’ve publicly chased a gold medal and even beat Team USA in a warmup game in the process, but actually walking away with silverware at a major international tournament has always evaded them. Whether it’s Spain being “kissed on the d—,” as former assistant Luc Longley said in China, or the infamous blocking call on Mills in Rio, the Boomers have remained medal-less.

It’s why there’s a clear sense of urgency when it comes to this tournament. They’ve chased a medal for so long, and this is more-than-likely their last chance to win one.

If the core, spiritually led by Mills, can win that coveted medal, all while passing the torch to the next generation of the program’s leaders, then this Olympic campaign would be considered a resounding success. And, for that group, the proverbial monkey will finally jump off their back.

The three wings

A lot of eyes have been on Matisse Thybulle’s late arrival at camp because he’s coming off another outstanding defensive season and, of course, he’s Simmons’ teammate. There’s that ironic wonderment regarding his presence at camp while Simmons does his own thing this off-season.

But, it’s not just Thybulle. There’s also Danté Exum and Josh Green, both of whom are also young, long, athletic wings who’ll give these Boomers a look they haven’t had before. It’s a debut Olympics for all three and, while they excel in different areas offensively, they provide a multi-positional and switchable look for Goorjian on the defensive end.

Exum is unique because he can legitimately play and guard one-through-three, and his shooting has improved throughout his time in the NBA. Health is the only thing that’s held him back so, now as an unrestricted free agent, he’ll have the opportunity to show he can stay on the floor and make an impact at a high level.

Thybulle and Green are a pair of elite defenders who should absolutely thrive playing under Goorjian. Both are long, athletic, and have terrific defensive instincts; all traits Goorjian loves. Think of how Justin Simon was placed within the Illawarra Hawks’ defensive schemes, usually guarding the ball-carrier and acting as the ultimate disrupter. Thybulle and Green, and even Exum in stretches, can play that role to perfection. Then, there were the times the Philadelphia 76ers went into their matchup zone down the stretch, with Thybulle at the top being long and active; Goorjian went to that with the Hawks, at times, so don’t be surprised if we see glimpses of it at the Olympics.Green is the potential X-factor here. This doesn’t seem like the token, end-of-the-bench pick for the 20-year-old to get him some experience. Goorjian went into this camp looking for a defensive dog; someone who would pick up full court and be a nuisance on that end of the floor. Green has the potential to be that guy, but with the overall talent package to make an impact on the offensive end, too.

Let’s talk about the big depth

As in, let’s talk about the lack of it .Baynes will be the first to admit that his season with the Raptors was wildly underwhelming, so the hope is that he hasn’t carried that form over to the Olympics, because the margin for error in the Boomers’ frontcourt is slim. The 2019 FIBA World Cup version of Baynes is what this team will need to go deep into the Olympics.

With Bogut retiring, and no Isaac Humphries (injury) or Thon Maker (withdrew from camp) to consider, Duop Reath almost became a necessity. He’s 6’11 and probably doesn’t have the frame to compete consistently with some of the elite international centres Australia will come up against, but word is he had an impressive final day of the LA ‘drop-in’ camp, so there’s hope he can hold down the fort when Baynes rests.

Jock Landale will be looked at to provide big minutes at one of the frontcourt spots, and he’s probably much more of a four-man at this level. He’s coming off an NBL Grand Final MVP performance and showed that his ability to stretch the floor is extremely real, so he’ll absolutely need to carry that over to Tokyo.

The final frontcourt spot likely came down to Nick Kay and Brock Motum, and the same result from the 2019 World Cup campaign came to fruition. Kay is exclusively a four-man but is a very solid role player; reliable defensively and has a good nose for the ball. He’s slightly undersized and isn’t the same shooter Motum is, but he had impressive moments during the World Cup so the hope for Goorjian is that he can do the same here.

We may see Ingles or even Thybulle play stretches at the four, and Landale will likely need to guard five-men at times. Baynes staying out of foul trouble will need to be a focus, too. We’ll see if the lack of depth catches up to them.

The elephant in the room

For the entire lead-up to this moment, there was a conversation around the idea of what to do with the final few spots on the roster. They’re the spots that rarely actually play, especially when do-or-die games come around.For the 2016 Olympics and 2019 World Cup, Andrej Lemanis opted to fill those spots with veterans. That act was largely seen as a reward; there were players who had been committed to the program, so they were given the opportunity to be part of the final.

Patty Mills and Matthew Dellavedova headline the Boomers’ squad for Tokyo. Daniel Pockett/Getty Images

This campaign partly has a theme of redemption for the main Boomers core, but also one of transition, as we look to the future of the program. It’s why many believed Josh Giddey, 18 years old and a projected lottery pick, would be added into the team to absorb invaluable experience, and thus preparing him for future Olympics. Goorjian, instead, opted to select Nathan Sobey.

Sobey is coming off an NBL season where he was an MVP finalist, and the word out of camp was he carried that form over to this past week in Los Angeles, so the merit was there, and Goorjian’s philosophy when it comes to the final spot on the roster benefited him.

The argument, however, that the 12th spot on the team would be better served grooming a teenager who may end up as the leader of the program, is a strong one. That spot wouldn’t play over Mills, or Delly, or Exum or Thybulle, or Chris Goulding or Ingles. You get the picture. The question then becomes: what value can you squeeze out of a place on a team that would have an infinitesimal impact on the court? The answer for some, including multiple former Olympic Boomers who spoke with ESPN: the opportunity to have one of the future core members of the program learn its famous culture from its current leaders.

We saw something similar happen in 2015, when Lemanis chose not to select an 18-year-old Ben Simmons. That left the eventual No. 1 overall pick disillusioned and uninspired by the program, and we haven’t seen him wear the green and gold since. To be clear, there are no indications that this non-selection would sour Giddey’s feelings toward the Boomers program; still, the risk is evident, and it’s clearly one Goorjian was willing to take.

Patty Mills will contest his fourth Olympic Games for Australia in Tokyo Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

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Phoenix Suns are Heading for the NBA Championships

With the playoff well underway, one team in the Western Conference is seemingly irresistibly being drawn to the ultimate playoff for this year’s NBA championship – the Phoenix Suns. 

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But back to the playoff. As we speak Game 2 is underway and the Suns are enjoying a commanding lead. Here is a full report on Game 1 of their playoff against the Milwaukee Bucks. 

NBA Finals Game 1 Final Score: Suns beat Bucks, 118-105

The Phoenix Suns rolled over the Milwaukee Bucks in the second half, to take a 1-0 lead in the Finals series.

By Dave King@DaveKingNBA Jul 6, 2021, 8:30pm MST

The Phoenix Suns hosted their first NBA Finals game in more than 10,000 days tonight against a Milwaukee Bucks team who had not been in a Finals game of their own in almost twice as many days.

The Suns, buoyed by a crazy loud home crowd, broke out of a 45-45 tie with a 20-7 run that soon ran up to a 33-17 run and a 16-point late-third lead on the visiting Bucks.

The big three of Deandre Ayton, Chris Paul and Devin Booker dominated the game for the Suns, each putting their stamp on the game at different times.

Suns win, 118-105, and (somehow) lead in an NBA Finals series for the first time in the franchise’s 54 year history. Neither of the prior two Finals appearances began well for the Valley.

Chris Paul had a game-high 32 points plus dished 8 assists, while Devin Booker had 27 points, 6 assists and 3 steals and young center Deandre Ayton finished with 22 points and 19 rebounds against the Bucks mammoth front line.

How it unfolded

Holy crap this place is loud! The counting of Giannis free throws was more deafening than I imagined.

The Suns came out FIRED UP, which led to spirited defense and attacking on offense but also a whole lot of jump shot misses. In the opening minutes, the Suns shot 5-7 inside the arc but missed all four open threes including a pair of corner threes by Chris Paul.

Suns down 12-10 at the 6:48 mark. All 10 of the Suns points were in the paint, as were the Bucks 10, the difference being a pair of free throws by Giannis (2 of 4 from the line).

Later in the quarter, the Suns got open for a pair of threes and Cameron Johnson and Cam Payne drained both, giving the Suns a 24-20 lead and a thunderous roar from the crowd. Devin Booker has been highly aggressive, having a hand in at least 16 of the Suns 24 points (8 points, 3 assists including both 3s).

Bad news: Dario Saric left the court limping badly. Might have twisted a knee or ankle.

Suns finished the first quarter up 30-26.

  • Leaders: Devin Booker (12 points, 3 assists, 1 steal), Deandre Ayton (6 points, 4 rebounds), Giannis (8 points, 5 rebounds, 2 assists), Brook Lopez (7 points, 3 rebounds).
  • Suns shooting 48%, Bucks 42%

Suns open second quarter with Chris Paul setting up the offense and if not for some more misses on open threes, the Suns would have built a good lead. But alas, the game stayed close as the Bucks went big again once Ayton took a breather and Dario could not return. Enter the Frank.

Chris Paul finally made some jumpers, and once Devin Booker came back in the Suns took a 45-38 lead on a Booker runner. Deandre Ayton (somehow quietly) is up to 10 points and 7 rebounds at this point, rim-running with the best of them and grabbing every rebound he can reach.

About this time we got word that Dario’s night is done (right knee), and at the same time —after the Bucks went big again — Frank Kaminsky fumbled a rebound, gave up a post shot, fumbled an entry pass and soon was checked back out for Ayton. Maybe Frank’s next stint will be better?

The Suns still maintained a lead thanks to their defense — some really great paint protection — and the shotmaking of Chris Paul and Devin Booker.

Suns led 57-49 at halftime. Chris Paul had 11 second-quarter points. Devin Booker leads the Suns with 16 points and 4 assists, while Deandre Ayton has 10 points and 8 rebounds at half.

Second half

Chris Paul started out the second half wanting to put the Bucks away, making a pair of shots over Brook Lopez, one inducing a four-point play, and the Suns soon had a 65-52 lead.

Since the 5:19 mark of the second quarter when the game was tied 45-45 to the 9:38 mark of the third, the Suns have outscored the Bucks 20-7.

Timeout, Bucks.

Coming out of timeout, the Bucks had new energy with a strong cross-court pass and an offensive rebound by Lopez putting Ayton on his second foul. But they missed both free throws. A minute later, Bridges drained a three to give the Suns a 68-54 lead.

A few minutes later, Devin Booker forced another Bucks timeout a 78-62 with a jumper, after Chris Paul drained his own, after Deandre Ayton ran his totals up 16 and 14 just controlling the paint on both ends and…

Timeout, Bucks.

The only thing keeping the game respectable at this point for the Bucks, if you count being within 20 points, is their three-point shooting (12-25, for 48%). They’re still down 17. Bad news for the Bucks, I think.

Suns are 19-19 on free throws at the end of three quarters, while the Bucks are only 2-6 at the line. Ayton has 18 and 16. Chris Paul leads all scorers with 27 points, while Booker and Khris Middleton both have 22.

Suns up 92-76 after three quarters.

In the fourth, the Bucks started out going smallish with Giannis at the five while Ayton was getting a rest. They pulled kept the game close, staying within 13-15 points for a couple of minutes.

Back in, Chris Paul.

The Bucks began attacking the paint while Ayton was resting and the Suns went small without Dario. Suns had Craig and Crowder as their big men at this point. Suns lead down to 11. Even with Cam Payne scoring seven points, the Bucks scored on a thousand straight possessions and soon the lead was cut to 9, 101-92, with 7:46 to go.

Bucks 3P shooting is still 48% at this point (14 for 29). Suns can’t give them both the paint AND the three point line.

Back in, Deandre Ayton.

Giannis had a putback to cut the lead to seven, but Booker made his first three of the game to make it 10 again. A Chris Paul steal, jumper and assist later and the Suns had it back to 12.

From there, the Suns kept the Bucks at bay and eventually closed out the game with both benches being cleared.

On to Game 2!

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NBL – Melbourne United New Premiers After 3-0 Clean Sweep In Best of Five Grand Final Series.

In the NBL Australia’s National Basketball League, Melbourne United are now victorious in the 20/21 Premiership Year having won 3/0 iin the Grand Final Playoff of five games. 

Nellakir proudly support local competition, from Juniors to Masters competitions. It is from these local and regional competitions that the next generation of champions will be sourced. The NBL competition is now recognised as a very effective feeder for the world’s premier competition – the USA’s NBA. Read about the Grand Final Game here:

Melbourne United crowned NBL champions after beating Perth Wildcats in grand final series

From ABC News, posted 6 days ago, updated 6 days ago

Melbourne United has claimed the NBL championship after holding on to defeat the Perth Wildcats 81-76 and complete a 3-0 sweep in the best-of-five grand final series.

Key points:

  • The win clinched Melbourne United’s first NBL title since the 2017/18 season
  • Jock Landale led the scoring for United with 15 points, while Chris Goulding added 14
  • United had won the opening two games of the grand final series in Perth

It is the franchise’s second NBL crown since being re-branded as Melbourne United in 2014 and its sixth overall in its storied history.

United entered Friday night’s clash at John Cain Arena knowing victory would secure its second title in four seasons, after claiming back-to-back wins in the opening two games of the series in Perth.

The home side’s task was not made easy, however, as they were forced to withstand a mighty challenge from the injury-hit Wildcats.

United charged to a 25-9 lead but the Wildcats — the two-time defending champions — refused to quit as they fought their way to the front in the third quarter and threatened to extend the series to a fourth game on Sunday.

It took a scoring burst from import Scotty Hopson and clutch baskets from Jock Landale to break the Wildcats’ resistance as United held their nerve down the stretch.

Landale led United with 15 points and nine rebounds, while captain Chris Goulding added 14 as Melbourne completed a dominant season with the ultimate glory..

Melbourne United wrapped up the grand final series inside three games.(AAP: Daniel Pockett)

After a six-week stint on the road due to Victoria’s COVID-19 restrictions, United went for the kill in front of a reduced-capacity crowd of 5,000 spectators, with Goulding’s deadly long-range shooting powering them to a 16-point lead in the opening quarter.

But the Wildcats battled their way back into the contest to trail by three points at half-time, gritty defence and aggressive rebounding helping hold Melbourne to 12 points in the second term.

Melboure United’s Mitch McCarron looks for support.(AAP: Daniel Pockett)

United’s shooting yips continued after half-time and the Wildcats capitalised with Corey Shervile’s three-pointer giving his side their first lead of the night.

Mason Peatling responded for United to get its attack started and Hopson picked up the offensive slack with his three-pointer on the buzzer, sending the hosts into the final quarter with a 58-52 advantage.

The Wildcats threw everything at United in the closing minutes but — despite 14-point efforts from John Mooney and Kevin White — Landale stepped up when it mattered with a fadeaway jump shot in the final minute to close out the win.


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Phoenix Suns Progress in the Playoffs. Up One Game on the LA Clippers.

It’s finals time in basketball’s most prestigious competition, the NBA. And this year’s surprise package – the Phoenix Suns continues to dominate defending the LA Clippers in game 1: 120-114. For Suns fans this is extraordinary with their last finals appearance being way back in 1993.

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But back to the Suns. Here’s a report on their momentuous win in Game 1 of their second playoff series in the Western Conference against the LA Clippers and a bit of a preview what to expect in game 2, scheduled for June 23rd (late news breaking Suns win 104-103, now 2 up!). 

LA Clippers vs Phoenix Suns: Injury Report, Predicted Lineups and Starting 5s – June 22, 2021 | Game 2, 2021 NBA Playoffs

Devin Booker #1 puts up a shot over Rajon Rondo #4, Ivica Zubac #40, Terance Mann #14 and Paul George #13 

Omar Josef Guerrero ANALYST  Preview. (Modified June 23, 2021, 12:19 PM AEST )

The LA Clippers are looking to avenge Sunday’s loss to the Phoenix Suns when they meet for Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals at Phoenix Suns Arena. Tuesday’s encounter is expected to be another exciting matchup after the two teams had an epic battle in the first game of the best-of-seven series.

The Phoenix Suns landed the first blow by defeating the LA Clippers 120-114 in Game 1 behind a stellar performance from Devin Booker, who had a 40-point, 13-rebound and 11-assist triple-double. Clippers All-Star Paul George also had a huge game with 34 points, but his efforts went for naught as his team was unable to close the gap in the final minute.

Both teams will play once again without their leaders. Kawhi Leonard will not be available for the LA Clippers, while Chris Paul will be absent for the Phoenix Suns. Other players stepped up in their absences last time around, and it will be interesting to see which of their teammates are going to elevate their play for Game 2.

The LA Clippers have shown resilience in the past two rounds, coming back from 0-2 deficits to win both the series. However, they will have to make major defensive adjustments to stop a Phoenix Suns team that has lost just twice in the 2021 NBA Playoffs.

LA Clippers Injury Report

The LA Clippers have listed two players on their injury report for Game 2 against the Phoenix Suns.

Kawhi Leonard will not be playing on Tuesday due to a knee injury that he suffered in the previous series against the Utah Jazz. He was visibly absent from the bench in Game 1 as he stayed in Los Angeles. It’s a telling sign of how serious the injury might be.

The LA Clippers have not released a timetable for his return, and he is a game-by-game decision. There’s a chance that he could be out for a longer period.

Serge Ibaka underwent season-ending surgery almost two weeks ago and is out for the entirety of the NBA playoffs. He appeared in only 41 games for the LA Clippers this season.

Phoenix Suns Injury Report

he Phoenix Suns have two names on their injury report for Game 2 versus the LA Clippers.

Chris Paul will remain sidelined for the LA Clippers match after contracting COVID-19. Though he has shown no symptoms, he is under the league’s health and safety protocols. He could make a return in Game 3 or 4.

Abdel Nader has a knee injury that has kept him on the sidelines for three months. He underwent right knee arthroscopy, but it doesn’t look like the Phoenix Suns will activate him anytime soon.

LA Clippers vs Phoenix Suns Predicted Lineups

LA Clippers

In Kawhi Leonard’s absence, coach Tyronn Lue had inserted Terancehe Phoenix Suns have two names on their injury report for Game 2 versus the LA Clippers.

Chris Paul will remain sidelined for the LA Clippers match after contracting COVID-19. Though he has shown no symptoms, he is under the league’s health and safety protocols. He could make a return in Game 3 or 4.

Abdel Nader has a knee injury that has kept him on the sidelines for three months. He underwent right knee arthroscopy, but it doesn’t look like the Phoenix Suns will activate him anytime soon.

LA Clippers vs Phoenix Suns Predicted Lineups

LA Clippers

In Kawhi Leonard’s absence, coach Tyronn Lue had inserted TeranceMann into the starting lineup, and it looks like the same will be true for Game 2. Reggie Jackson has taken on a greater role while coming off the bench after Leonard went down with the injury.

Without Ibaka, Ivica Zubac had taken the starting center position, with DeMarcus Cousins now playing more minutes.

Phoenix Suns

Cameron Payne took over Chris Paul’s starting point guard spot, but Devin Booker had always taken on some of the playmaking chores even when the All-Star point guard was around. Look for Booker to be just as involved in directing traffic for Game 2 as he was in Game 1.

Nader’s absence shouldn’t affect Phoenix Suns coach Monty Williams’ rotation.

LA Clippers vs Phoenix Suns Predicted Starting 5s

LA Clippers:

Point Guard – Reggie Jackson l Shooting Guard – Terrance Mann l Small Forward – Paul George l Power Forward– Marcus Morris Sr. l Center – Ivica Zubac

Phoenix Suns:

Point Guard – Cameron Payne l Shooting Guard – Devin Booker l Small Forward – Mikal Bridges l Power Forward– Jae Crowder l Center – Deandre Ayton

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NBA Playoffs – Phoenix Suns Destroy Denver Nuggets

Nellakir are Victoria’s leading professionals in the installation and maintenance of premium Sports Flooring. Specialising in the provision of FIBA approved Timber Sports Flooring, Nellakir watched this year’s NBA playoffs with increased interest. The team to watch this year looks like being the Phoenix Suns who have just won their playoff series against the Denver Nuggets.

Watch the highlights of the final playoff game in this video:

Read about the most recent win below, written by Benyan Kidane of Sporting News:

NBA Playoffs 2021: Chris Paul dominates Game 4 as Phoenix Suns complete sweep against Denver Nuggets

The Phoenix Suns advance to their first Western Conference Finals for the first time since 2010 after completing the sweep against the Denver Nuggets. 

The Suns backcourt delivered the knockout blow in the road with Chris Paul scoring a season-high 37 points, while Devin Booker added 34 points, 11 rebounds and four assists as they held off the nuggets’ late rally to win 125-118. 

Let’s jump into the key takeaways at the buzzer. 

Who said the mid-range was dead?

As we’ve seen throughout this playoff run, Chris Paul’s mid-range game is automatic. 

At one point in the third quarter, he torched the Nuggets on four straight possessions, getting to his favourite spot on the right elbow and rising up for what is effectively a layup for the 36-year-old. 

He scored 12 points in the quarter on a perfect 6-of-6 shooting, all coming from mid-range, which is tied for the most by any player in a playoff quarter over the past 20 seasons.

Paul scored 25 of his 37 in the second half, adding seven assists, three rebounds and two steals, passing Isiah Thomas to move to 13th in all-time playoff assists.

As for being the King of the mid-range? Paul’s 37 came on a scorching 14-of-19 from the field, without a single 3-point attempt.

Tempers flared with 3:52 remaining in the third quarter as Nikola Jokic was assessed a Flagrant 2 foul — his first in the past three seasons.

Jokic swiped at Cameron Payne, catching him across the face as he attempted to steal the ball, with the MVP and Devin Booker exchanging words as the pair had to be separated by teammates. 

With the officials deeming it ‘unnecessary and excessive contact’, Jokic was ejected from the game., while Booker was assessed a technical for his actions after the foul. 

The Nuggets made a spirited run in the fourth quarter, but without the big man on the floor, their offensive options were limited. 

He exited the game finishing with 22 points, 11 rebounds and four assists in 28 minutes.

Jae Crowder put forth a hard-nosed 3&D performance, recording nine points, 10 rebounds and four blocks, playing high-level defence all night.

All four of his blocks came in the first half, tying a Suns franchise record for most blocks in a playoff half, per ESPN Stats & Info.

In a closeout game on the road, Crowder’s veteran experience helped set the tone for the young Suns alongside Paul. 

After dropping 47 points in the Suns’ closeout game against the Los Angeles Lakers in the first round, Devin Booker was filling it up again in Game 4. 

Winning their second-straight closeout game on the road, Booker has now scored 81 combined points, finishing with 34 points tonight. 

Booker has established himself as a star, but after going 121-280 in his first five NBA seasons, the 24-year-old is now heading to the Conference Finals in his first trip to the post-season. 

“He’s not afraid of the moment, that’s the deal,” Suns head coach Monty Williams said post-game.

“I’ve watched him for two years work his tail off so he can be ready for this moment and this stage, he’s fearless… his fearlessness helps us on the big stage and it has throughout these playoffs.”

While Paul has been on the playoff stage many times before, you can hardly tell this is Booker’s first post-season. The star backcourt dictated the game from start to finish, becoming the first Suns teammates to each score 30+ in a playoff game since Steve Nash and Amare Stoudemire in 2005. 

The Suns will get to put their feet up with a week off as they await their Western Conference Finals opponent in the winner of the Clippers vs. Jazz series. 

Devin Booker of The Suns shows his form in a recent outing up against the Utah Jazz

Australia continues to be a fruitful nursery for young NBA stars and it’s no accident. Over the last few decades both the facilities here in Australia and the quality of the local competition. the NBL, have improved dramatically as has the interest in the sport here at all levels.

Victorian State Basketball Centre, Knox.

Nellakir are proud to be involved and continue to ensure premium playing surfaces are provided and available for both junior competitions and the elite competitions here in Australia.

Call now on 03 9467 6126 to schedule a free no-obligation consultation on your stadium, school or community facility and its Sprung Timber Sports Flooring. Our qualified Technician will advise on an appropriate maintenance program for your Sports Flooring and portable seating, as is appropriate. Alternatively, leave your details here for a prompt reply and scheduled consultation.

Bendigo Indoor Basketball Stadium

Nellakir – Sports Flooring for Champions

Victorian Schools Building Authority Receives Budget Boost. Nellakir School Installations Provide Premium Timber Sports Flooring.

For a number of years (since 2017) when the Schools Project commenced Nellakir have installed multi-purpose Sprung Timber Flooring in new schools, both primary and secondary, providing excellent space for both competitive basketball, netball, gymnastics, volleyball and other indoor games and exercises. As well these areas provide safe, weatherproof areas for assembly in both winter and summer.

Here is an extract from the Victorian Schools website on its continued school funding:

In its latest budget, the Victorian Government is investing $1.6 billion for building and improving schools.

This will fund the next phase of the historic building boom that is rapidly expanding and modernising Victoria’s school system – meeting the needs of our growing population and 21st century education.

The latest investment will give students across Victoria better classrooms, libraries, specialist learning spaces and new opportunities by:

  • funding the build of 13 new schools,  
  • purchasing land for another 14 new schools
  • constructing additional stages of 3 new schools,
  • upgrading 35 metropolitan and 17 regional schools,
  • expanding capacity at 6 schools in rapid-growth areas to meet enrolment demands for the 2024 school year, and
  • planning for a future upgrade of Verney Road School in Shepparton and broader specialist provision across the Shepparton region.

The Victorian Government has now invested more than $10.9 billion to build new schools and deliver more than 1,700 school upgrades − supporting around 13,500 jobs in construction and associated industries.

The Budget also includes:

  • $188 million for essential maintenance to ensure our schools are modern and properly maintained.
  • $20 million to improve learning spaces as well as the condition and character of schools through the Minor Capital Works Fund.
  • $15 million for the Accessible Buildings Program and an additional $10 million for the Inclusive Schools Fund to help make our kids more accessible and inclusive for young people with a disability and additional needs.


The Minister for Education has sent a letter to each school receiving funding, outlining what the funding amount includes, details of any training required and key contacts.

What is being built at my school?

Further details about specific projects will be available on this website in the coming week.

Some schools will have received funding to begin planning and designing an upgrade project, others will be funded to begin or complete construction.

We tailor every building project to the needs of the school and school community. This starts with your school creating a five-year asset management plan to guide maintenance and upgrade works.

The foundation of the plan is your school’s ‘educational vision’, looking at the curriculum areas that they want to develop or enhance over the next five years. Schools create this in consultation with staff and students, and we provide training to help them through the process.


Building a new school is a bit different, because there is no existing school staff or community to develop an asset management plan.

The Victorian Government has committed to opening 100 new schools between 2019 and 2026.​ 

Where will these schools be, and when will they open?


Truganina North Secondary School (interim name)

As new schools are announced, they’ll be added to this list.


Camms Road Primary School (interim name)

Hayes Hill Primary School (interim name)

Holyoake Parade Primary School (interim name)

Lollypop Creek Primary School (interim name)

Merrifield West Secondary School (interim name)

Mount Ridley Special School (interim name)

North Melbourne Primary School (new campus)

Officer Rix Road Primary School (interim name)

Riverdale East Primary School (interim name)

Rockbank Murray Road Primary School (interim name)

Tarneit Missen House Primary School (interim name)
Wollert East Secondary School (interim name)

Wollert West Primary School (interim name)


Bass Coast College – San Remo Campus

Bridge Road (Melton) Primary School (interim name)

Clyde North Station Primary School (interim name)

Clyde North Station Secondary College (interim name)

Endeavour Hills Specialist School (interim name)

Fishermans Bend Secondary School (interim name)

Fitzroy Gasworks (Senior Campus) (interim name)

Greater Shepparton Secondary College

Grasslands (Deanside) Primary School (interim name)

Greenvale Secondary School (interim name)

Kalkallo Common Primary School (interim name)

McKinnon Secondary College – East Campus

Willowbank Primary School

Wollert East Primary School (interim name)


Aintree Primary School

Cranbourne West Secondary College

Docklands Primary School

Edenbrook Secondary College

Edgars Creek Primary School

Eynesbury Primary School

Footscray High School Pilgrim Campus

Gaayip-Yagila Primary School

Garrang Wilam Primary School

Keelonith Primary School

Oberon High School

Orchard Park Primary School

Ramlegh Park Primary School

Riverbend Primary School


Beveridge Primary School (new campus)

Botanic Ridge Primary School

Casey Fields Primary School

Davis Creek Primary School

Elevation Secondary College

Grayling Primary School

Homestead Senior Secondary College

Keysborough Gardens Primary School

Lucas Primary School

Mirripoa Primary School

Riverwalk Primary School


Aitken Hill Primary School

Ashley Park Primary School

Burnside Primary School

Dohertys Creek P-9 College

Pakenham Primary School

Prahran High School

Preston High School

Saltwater P-9 College

South Melbourne Park Primary School

From Victoria’s first vertical primary school in South Melbourne (pictured above) to primary schools in Rockbank, Derrimut and on the other side of Melbourne in Clyde North Nellakir have installed Premium Australian Hardwood Timber Sports Flooring at many of the new schools being costructed under the VSBA programs. 

For expert installation from Victoria’s leading experts in both the installation and maintenance of Timber Sports Flooring call Nellakir now on 03 9467 6126 for a free no-obligation consultation and quote from one of our experienced Flooring Technicians. Alternatively leave your details here for a prompt reply. 

Premium Sports Flooring and Sprung Timber Flooring requires annual cyclical maintenance (re-coating, resurfacing and, where required, re-sanding, repairs and line marking) . Provide a premium playing surface ensuring a safe environment for all competitors and participants. 

Nellakir – The Sports Flooring For Champions 

The Cream Rises to the Top in the NBA Play-offs. Ben Simmons Stars.

Each year Australian produced stars continue to dominate in the world’s premier basketball competition – the NBA. Once again, it’s Ben Simmons leading the way. The former Rookie of the Year simply smashed it against the Washington Wizards. The Philadelphia 76’s now have a commanding 3-0 lead in its series against the Wizards. Read about it here:

Ben Simmons’ savage taunt burns NBA All-Star rival

By Jacob Polychronis

May 30, 2021   12:41pm

Aussie Ben Simmons appears to be in a feisty mood after a prickly hand signal towards an All-Star rival during a monster Playoffs win.

NBA: Ben Simmons finished a productive Game 3 with 14 points, 9 assists, 5 rebounds and a win against the Washington Wizards.

Philadelphia has taken a 3-0 lead in its series against the Washington Wizards after a big 132-103 win on the road on Sunday (AEST). 

Ben Simmons made 14 points, nine assists and five rebounds before sitting out the fourth quarter, while Joel Embiid was dominant with 36 points — a career-high for the centre in the Playoffs.

Simmons was for the second game in a row putting up easy buckets in the paint, as emphasised by a moment in the second quarter when he isolated 191cm Russell Westbrook.

The Australian, who stands at 211cm, pump-faked and comfortably finished over the point guard before stooping towards the ground to complete the “too small” gesture.

Simmons was dominant in the first half — as he was in Game Two when he had 16 points, six rebounds and six assists by half time.

Nonetheless, he still came under the microscope as his woes at the free throw line deepened.

Having gone 0-6 from the charity strike in Game One, Simmons missed three more on Sunday, taking his series free throw record to 0-9.

He didn’t take a free throw in Game Two.

Simmons, however, had no issues driving to the bucket on Sunday, and coach Doc Rivers said his assertive approach was a big reason for the Sixers’ dominance.

“I thought (Simmons being aggressive) was key. … He was full steam every time,” Rivers said.

Elsewhere, Bradley Beale and Westbrook combined for 53 points for the Wizards, who must win four-straight matches to keep their season alive.

Philadelphia can wrap up the series in Game Four on Tuesday (9am AEST).

Nellakir have been instrumental over a long period in the improvement of court facilities for junior and senior competitions within Australia. Having constructed and maintained many of Victoria’s premier Timber Sports Flooring venues, the simple fact is that Nellakir have been, and remain, the leading professionals in sports flooring and maintenance in Victoria and Tasmania. Call now on 03 9467 6126 and schedule an obligation free consultation and appraisal on the maintenance of your valuable sports flooring. Or, if you prefer, leave your details here for a prompt reply.

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Sports Flooring in Australia – Premium Sprung Timber – The Evolution From Outdoor Hard Courts to Sprung Timber Sports Floors in Indoor Stadiums.

Thirty years ago when children played Netball or started playing Basketball, it was often on a fairly rough uneven asphalt court – outdoors, open to the elements with parents and siblings standing around the outside of the courts. At Ferntree Gully for example over 30,000 children a week attend the multi-courts on weekends. The progression to indoor premium Timber Sports Stadiums has seen the introduction of elite sports flooring right across all levels of competition for those playing Basketball and Netball.

For the sportswomen and men at the top of their fields in both disciplines, it has always been Sprung Timber Flooring at the highest levels of competition. And then lots of kids who started following Basketball in the US through the NBA coveted those polished maple boards. The game was faster with less risk of injury and players could really exercise their skills on the timber floored courts. Here in Victoria the flooring is often Australian hardwood with FIBA approval. 

About 20 years ago, things began to change radically here in Australia. Concrete courts were being rapidly replaced in major stadiums with Sprung Timber Courts. ASF/Horner and Nellakir were at the forefront of those changes.

When the new State Netball and Hockey Centre was constructed in Royal Park for Netball Victoria in time for the Commonwealth Games of 2006, the stadium and its courts were completed in 2001, having been installed by Nellakir. Recently Nellakir have installed a further six courts with premium timber sports flooring.

Timber Sports Floors and the evolution of indoor sports has now seen the growth of both Basketball and Netball exponentially here in Australia. All major cities and regional centres now boast world class FIBA approved Stadiums with premium sports flooring – timber sports flooring. 

But today it goes way beyond just the upper levels of competition. It starts in primary Schools with multi-purpose timber floored courts included in nearly all new school buildings here in Victoria. The courts are used for Basketball, Netball, Volleyball, Gymnastics and other activities. As well, they double as indoor assembly areas.

Construction is supervised by the Victorian Schools Building Authority which has a dedicated target of building and constructing over 100 new schools from 2019 until 2022. Many of these schools fall within the PPP program run by the Victorian State Government – the Public Private Partnership program with major corporate organisations such as Spotless Services providing ongoing Asset management and other required services.In the past few years Nellakir has completed many such projects. Three such new schools were:

Truganina South East Primary School – (between Derrimut and Laverton)
Rockbank North Primary School – (between Melton and Caroline Springs)
Thoroughbred Primary School – (in Clyde North)

Nellakir has also completed works at the following locations:

Heathmont College – (East of Ringwood)
Rosebud Aquatic Centre – (Mornington Peninsula)
Altona Sports Stadium – (a major metropolitan sports centre)

So from an early age school children get to play and compete on a professional timber sports floor. It’s no wonder that Australia now has had over 9 players on the current NBA roster and that Netball has now been accepted as an Olympic sport and will soon offer a medal competition. Australia is one of the prime movers in both fostering Netball at a grass roots level and internationally.

Nellakir are and have been the leading experts in the installation, maintenance and cleaning of all Timber Sports Flooring. Nellakir are the agents for systems in both Victoria and Tasmania.

 Annual Maintenance of Sports Flooring is especially important. Recoating with approved surface preparations, re-lining and repairs on general wear and tear mean your sports flooring will last longer and provide a continued premium playing surface for all users and competitors.

Equally important is the need to provide competent professional cleaning services for your valuable Timber Sports Flooring. Engaging cleaners with no understanding of the flooring and its sophistication is simply a recipe for disaster and added expense when annual maintenance is required. Severe neglect can require a complete re-sanding, re-surfacing and re-lining.

Don’t take risks. Call Nellakir now on 03 9467 6126 or leave your details here to schedule an obligation free consultation with one of our Flooring Technicians.

Champion Sports Flooring for Present and Future Champions.